Case Studies

Safeguard helps PMEC manage complex safety practices while building the new South Port

Pan-Mediterranean Engineering Company (PMEC), a unit of China Harbour Engineering Company, is constructing the South Port Terminal in Ashdod, Israel. The project includes quay construction, extension of the existing breakwater by 600m, a new 1500m secondary breakwater and reclamation and dredging works. The tender value is 1 billion US Dollar.

International projects run by foreign construction groups such as the South
Port Terminal Project are often managed in 3 different languages: Local (in
this case Hebrew), English, usually the language of project documentation
and communication, and the language of the company’s country of origin (in
this case Chinese).

Furthermore, the construction group comes with its own standards and
regulations and also needs to comply with local regulations.

The Safeguard platform offers flexibility to support any language and any set
of regulations that immediately translate into workflows in Safeguard’s mobile and web apps.

First, Safeguard assigned a project manager, an industrial engineer who
analyzed the regulations and reporting obligations with PMEC experts and
customized the workflows of the mobile and web interfaces accordingly.

Second, Safeguard contracted an international compliance expert to translate all the content of the platform, from data fields to notification alerts into English.

Third, Safeguard provided PMEC with the translation and PMEC experts provided complete translation to their professional vocabulary in Chinese.

Once the mobile and web interfaces were completed, implementation began
with hundreds of users.

Now all reports are automatically produced simultaneously in three languages and match the workflow and regulations required for this complex project.

PMEC also required a custom made scoring system to measure progress and risk.

Safeguard has proven its value to this large-scale project led by one of the
world’s largest construction groups

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Omer Construction and Engineering uses HRSENSE to manage and oversee employee site access

Omer Construction & Engineering (1986) Ltd. is known for its professional work team, high standards of construction, and meeting the client’s budget and time schedule. The company uses advanced construction methods and new technologies alongside professional staff. The combination of human capital and latest technologies have led to an impressive list of diverse projects carried out across the country since its inception.
The B.S.R. City project is a new business and commercial center located in Petach Tikva. The project includes four office towers that rise to a height of 30 stories and is located on the light rail and next to central traffic arteries with plentiful parking options. The project provides maximum convenience for tenants and a multitude of commercial and leisure opportunities.

The B.S.R. City project is a complex and multi-faceted project that employs hundreds of workers at any given time, and the project site contains highly valuable equipment and inventory.
One of the central risk factors in a building project, and especially projects of this scope, is the entrance of unauthorized workers or workers who lack necessary qualifications/certifications into the worksite.
With the volume of manpower participating in the project and the level of turnover, an appropriate solution is required to manage control and supervision of this resource.

Omer Construction & Engineering is a longtime client and user of Safeguard’s security platforms. They turned to Safeguard for a solution.
Safeguard appointed an electrical engineer who mapped the site, defined a list of contents and the required infrastructure including fencing the site, construction of infrastructure for fiber communication, construction of an entrance complex (in this case an entrance and an exit complex) and assistance in acquiring the required materials including: turnstiles, entrance and exit cameras, a server with a face recognition engine and more.
Following fencing and installation of two smart gates, the project manager has complete control over employee site entrance and exit. The ability to exclude unauthorized individuals is operated automatically for employees with insufficient training or safety clearances. HRSENSE provides analysis of onsite attendance in real time and ability for follow-up over time on subcontractor personnel inputs that affect project performance.
Today it is clear to Omer Construction and Engineering and other companies that project management begins at the site gate. Safeguard smart gates managed by the HRSENSE platform lead to success in project management and oversight.

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Solel Boneh Infrastructure controls compliance of thousands of equipment items using EQPGUARD

Solel Boneh Infrastructure is the Shikun & Binui Group’s civil engineering and construction arm in Israel.
Solel Boneh has four divisions: the Construction Division; the Roads, Railway and Infrastructure Division; the EPC Division which serves as an integrative construction contractor; and Cementcal, the construction and groundwork company. In addition to these divisions, the company operates concrete and asphalt plants, a precast concrete plant and a logistics center.

Controlling compliance for thousands of pieces of equipment ranging from cranes and boom lifts through baggers and lifting chains. This owned or leased equipment is dispersed throughout Israel in hundreds of locations.

Solel Boneh Infrastructure of the Shikun & Binui Group is a Safeguard client using the technology platform for safety management.
Solel Boneh has a large quantity of building and infrastructure projects and at any given moment must manage oversight of compliance for thousands of pieces of equipment.
At the individual project level, the company uses the EQPGUARD app for ongoing management of compliance for owned equipment and equipment rented from third parties. The alert system sends a report of compliance gaps one month in advance and daily alerts are issued to monitor compliance of cranes and other equipment items that require regular checks. In addition, the system provides alerts for expirations of certificates of compliance, licenses and insurance policies.
In addition, the company’s logistics headquarters manages equipment items in transport from warehouses to the field in real time and has control over equipment location and compliance at any given moment.
The solution provides ongoing, decentralized management at the field level on each site separately, and an additional monitoring system at the headquarters level. This ability decreases project risks due to equipment failure and enables greater continuity in project execution.

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Israel’s Safety and Occupational Health Administration (SOHA) of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services chose the Oversight platform to increase the effectiveness of construction site safety enforcement.

The Safety and Occupational Health Administration operates under the Supervision of Labor Law, 1954, and under the Safety at Work Ordinance, 1970. The Administration’s main goals are to prevent work accidents and to protect the health of workers in Israel. SOHA determines policy regarding workplace safety, employee health and occupational hygiene, and supervises and enforces various laws and regulations in these areas. SOHA is responsible for supervision and enforcement, monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, certification and licensing, permits and promoting research and activities on workplace safety.

SOHA operates through four districts and conducts its enforcement responsibilities for construction safety with 17 inspectors and over 17,000 construction sites.
SOHA cannot operate effectively with this level of resources and it is impossible to prioritize or to predict which site will generate the next injury or fatality.

Safeguard won the tender to provide a solution to help utilize the SOHA’s existing resources in more effective manner.
The methodology is field deployment of military-trained drone operators and safety experts to perform site audits with the Oversight mobile app.
Oversight is integrated with drone operations and captures data in real time with Live Map as the drone flies, provides evaluation of project safety and organizes all site data for easy sharing and straightforward decision-making from the district level all the way to SOHA headquarters.
The Oversight platform provides real-time management of standards and regulatory auditing processes. The Oversight app tracks defects and violations, analyzes trends, improves accountability and saves time on management. The Oversight BI interface provides decision makers access to relevant information and helps them make informed decisions about enforcement processes. These qualities provide SOHA with advanced screening and scouting capabilities that produce information to optimize the current use of resources.

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The Ashtrom Group digitized on-site safety training with HRGUARD

The Ashtrom Group has been active in the field of construction for over 50 years, and relies on skilled staff with proven capabilities, deployed in plants and building sites all over the country, orchestrating an extensive logistic and technological organization.
The Ashtrom Group provides a comprehensive design, operational, and management solution, directly and through its companies, for large-scale construction projects.

The Ashtrom Group employs thousands of construction workers of multiple nationalities and languages at any given time.
By regulation, all workers are required to have site safety training, in their own language, signed and documented.
On-site, foremen needed to manage thousands of paper documents related to site safety training.

Deploy the HRGUARD app with complete capability to produce and document worker site safety training in digital manner and supporting any language of origin.
First, the Safeguard engineers received the safety training in all required languages from Ashtrom safety experts.
Second, Safeguard sent the documents to a professional translation and editing firm to verify and confirm the standard of content and also added two more languages.
Finally, Safeguard deployed the feature within the HRGUARD app, allowing each worker to read, verify, sign and receive the digital safety training on the spot, in their own language.
The system creates and stores traceable documentation that is easy to recover at a moment’s notice.
With HRGUARD, HR compliance is made easier.

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Safeguard helps PMEC manage complex safetypractices while building the new South Port

Omer Construction and Engineering uses HRSENSE to manage and oversee employee site access

Solel Boneh Infrastructure controls compliance of thousands of equipment items using EQPGUARD

Israel’s Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services chose the Oversight platform to increase the effectiveness of construction site safety enforcement.

The Ashtrom Group digitized on-site safety training with HRGUARD